Mwingi District: Drought Monthly Bulletin, April 2007


Situation Overview

Agro-Pastoral Livelihood zone. (Tseikuru, Ngomeni, Kyuso, Mui, Mumoni, Nuu and Nguni

The weather was characterized by hot sunny days followed by cloudy and rainy evenings. Water availability and accessibility good following good rain reported during the month. The rain delayed and was poorly distributed. Livestock body condition is good attributed to availability of adequate pastoral resources. Households are engaged in planting, few harvesting and majority stockpiling crop residue for future use. C.C.P.P reported and confirmed in this zone specifically in Nuu and Mui but Vet Department very busy vaccinating the goats which are worst affected. Most households reported sale of crops and honey while very few reported sale of fattened steers and oxen. Quarantine previously imposed has been uplifted and animal trading and transportation is ongoing. Human health good due to food security at household level but malaria cases were highly reported during the month. Nutritional status of the sampled under fives is good.

Mixed farming zone (Central, Migwani, parts of Kyuso and parts of Mui Divisions).

The weather was hot during the start of the month but rainy weather characterized the rest of the month. The rain is poorly distributed and varies in intensity and frequency from one section of Location to another. Water availability good owing to some rain reported across this zone. Households are busy planting, fencing and harvesting in the lowlands. Livestock body condition good for all species. Few households reported shoat deaths due to suspected C.C.P.P cases. Quarantine imposed has been lifted and animal trading is improving household income. Nutritional status of the sampled under fives children remained good though few reported sneezing, coughing and malaria attack due to the prevailing rainy condition.