Mwingi County: Drought Early Warning Bulletin for July 2014

from Government of Kenya
Published on 31 Jul 2014 View Original

Situation overview

  • No rainfall was reported in July.

  • The condition of natural vegetation and pasture is fair in quality and quantity across all livelihood zones with a deteriorating trend with the exception of Tseikuru and Tharaka wards which have poor pasture and browse conditions.

  • Market prices of major food commodities declined in July compared to last month.

  • Livestock body condition is fair for all the species with the exception of Tharaka ward where the body condition is poor for large species.

  • Milk production and consumption declined in July compared to last month and is below normal at this time of the year.

  • The main source of water for households is traditional river wells. The average walking and grazing distances to water points increased in July compared to last month and are above the normal range for the period.

  • The proportion of children at risk of malnutrition declined in July to stand at 8% from 10% last month. The current level of malnutrition is below normal.

  • No major crops pests and disease outbreak were reported.

  • Suspected cases of foot and mouth disease were reported in Ngomeni and Mui ward.

  • The early warning stage for the month of July was Alert and stable for both