Mukuru Kayaba Fire Outbreak Update on 11th March 2015

Following the fire incident that was reported yesterday evening on 10th March 2015 in Mukuru Kayaba slum that left 693 households homeless with 8 persons injured (5 critical and 3 minor). Barely less than 24 hours two other cases of fire incident were reported today at Mukuru Kwa Reuben where the fire broke out at 0920hrs and Mukuru Fuata Nyayo at 1300 hrs.

The Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) Nairobi Branch DRT team responded immediately providing triage, first Aid services, referrals and conducted assessment.The other actors responded to assist the injured and extinguish the fire included; NCC Fire Brigade, Kenya Police, Sonko Rescue Team and NYS.

Current situation

An assessment was conducted today by the KRCS Nairobi branch team in Mukuru Kayaba, and established 693 households affected. While at Mukuru Kwa Reuben and Mukuru Fuata Nyayo responses are still ongoing, and the extent of the fire damage is still unknown. Presently in Mukuru Fuata Nyayo there are 2 serious injured cases, 15 stable and over 50 persons with minor injuries.

KRCS Response

The KRCS team responded to 8 casualties in provision of first Aid services and referrals, whereby 5 were referred to hospital for further management while 3 were treated on scene.

In addition, plans were underway to dispatch a total of 693 HHs Non-food items, however they have to been put on hold due to the ongoing response in Mukuru Fuata Nyayo. The distribution will be conducted tomorrow on 12th March 2015.

Non Food Items distributed

Tarpaulins 693 Mosquito nets 1386 Water Jerrycans
1386 Blankets 1386 Soaps 1386


Due to the series of fire experienced today, there is an ongoing response and assessments for the recent areas will be conducted tomorrow. Close monitoring of the situation progress is ongoing.