Moyale District: Drought Monthly Bulletin, November 2009

Situation Report
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Situation overview

- Moyale and Sololo districts remained dry for most of the month of November. Rains that had stopped on4th November restarted on 27th November and the highest quantity was received along the border was 27.3 mm.

- The quality and quantity of pasture improved, with much of the browse recovering and improving but the grass layer was quite poor and may not improve till the next onset of rains.

- Water availability improved much and was available in large ponds and accessible to both livestock and humans. However, water trucking started in Amballo to the south of Sololo District.

- Most of the herds which migrated into Ethiopia in July and August returned and moved into southern part of the district.

- Livestock prices varied among the different species over the month. Cattle were sold at an average of Ksh5,000 compared to previous month's Ksh7,500 while goats sold at a higher price of Ksh1,350 compared to Ksh1,309 last month.

- The nutrition status of children below five years improved during the month under review, with the percentage of those rated at risk of malnutrition reduced to 28% from 35.1% the previous month.