Moyale District: Drought Monthly Bulletin, May 2007



- The rains subsided towards the middle of the month but started for some few days later. Distribution was fairly good though the quantity was below average.

- Forage growth is quite good in shrub layer regime but herbal growth (pasture) is below normal.

- Calving and kidding rate is quite high among cattle and goats. Camels have also started calving but deaths among lactating and heavy in calves is quite high. The cause of these massive deaths is not yet established.

- Food prices are still reasonably low.

- Most planted crops are now tussling and flowering.

- Milk production has improved and prices have gone down to about Kshs.20/= per bottle (treetop)


- Relief food distribution is still going on.

- Bush clearing and reseeding is being done by ALRMP II.


- The district requires food supplements for especially young children due to high levels of malnutrition.

- Food relief should not recede because most residents in the District are quite poor and food insecure.

- There is very much predation of domestic livestock by lions and hyenas. This situation is worrying and must be checked.

- Death of calves and lactating camels is quite alarming among pastoral communities and needs to be checked.