Moyale District: Drought Monthly Bulletin, April 2007

Originally published



- The rains started late in most parts of the district. The quantity received is quite small compared to last rainy season (most of the sentinel areas reported poor rainfall status).

- Most shrubs have started regenerating but pasture growth is quite minimal. Still there is enough standing pasture in most grazing areas.

- Quarantine which had been imposed due RVF had been removed and prices of cattle is picking up.

- Malnutrition level is still high.

- Cattle and camels have started calving and soon milk production may increase. This is the first calving season since the last drought which ended April last year.

- Milking camels have been reported to be dying abruptly and the reason is said to be calcium deficiency.

- Food prices are still reasonably low.

- Milk production has also started rising.


- Reasonable amount of relief ratios have been distributed all over the District.

- The bush clearing activities is going on in some selected eight centres in the district.


- The district requires food supplements for especially young children due to high levels of malnutrition.

- Food relief should not recede because most residents in the District are quite poor and food insecure.

- There is very much predation of domestic livestock by lions and hyenas. This situation is worrying and must be checked.