Mother and Child Health in Kajiado - Project Launch

from European Union
Published on 06 Nov 2013 View Original

World Friends (Amici Del Mondo – World Friends Onlus), CISP (Comitato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo dei Popoli) and ADEO (African Development and Emergency Organization) are pleased to announce the Launch of their respective projects within the framework of the European co-funded programme for the improvement of Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health (MNCH), strengthening Reproductive Health services, Nutrition and Family Planning up-take in the semi-arid areas of Kajiado County.

The Launch ceremony will take place on the 6th of November at Township Grounds in Kajiado Town, from 8am. Media are kindly requested to attend. See below for contact details for the event.

The launch will take place in the presence of H.E. the Governor of Kajiado County, Dr. David Nkedienye and Erik Habers, Head of Development at the European Union Delegation to Kenya.. Representatives of World Friends/CISP and ADEO will be presenting the activities of their projects “Mother and Child Health in Kajiado” and “Mama na Mtoto”, taking place respectively in Kajiado North/Isinya and Kajiado Central/Mashuru Sub-Counties. During the event, communities will be actively engaged by various activities and entertainments.

With Shs 150 million in funding from the European Union, the project’s aim is to strengthen mother and child health in support of Millenium Development Goals 4 and 5, consistent with the Ministry of Health National policies and goals in three Districts of Kajiado and will benefit more than 200,000 mothers and children.

In Kenya, maternal mortality reduction has stagnated in the last decade with the latest indicator remaining unacceptably high at 488/100,000 live births. Most maternal deaths are preventable and are due to causes directly related to child birth, such as severe bleeding, infection and obstructed labour contributing over 70% of the total maternal deaths.

Most common causes of newborn mortality are preterm delivery, low birth-weight, asphyxia and sepsis.
All these can be controlled with quality newborn care. The health status of both pregnant women and children is negatively affected by malnutrition which results in complicated pregnancy and growth challenges.

The action will improve maternal and child health status increasing access to maternal, child and nutrition services in the whole of Kajiado County, with World Friends/CISP’s intervening in the area of Kajiado North and Isinya and ADEO focusing on Kajiado Central and Mashuru.

This intervention was made possible thanks to the support of the European Union, the collaboration of the Ministry of Health and the local partners Urafiki Center Foundation, Zam Zam Medical Services and the Apostles of Jesus Aids Ministries.

This is one of 19 mother and child health projects being implemented around the country with funding from the European Union in partnership with communities, local and national government. The European Union is currently spending Shs 1.7 billion on child and maternal health in Kenya.

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