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More Refugee Camps as Fighting Continues


A Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) rapid assessment of the fierce fighting around the Ethiopian Moyale border and its environs since Thursday 26th July 2012, has revealed that the conflict has caused deaths, injuries and loss of property with reports of massive displacements of populations.

This displacement and subsequent migration of the Ethiopian population into Kenya has been occasioned by simmering dispute over land and is between the Borana and Garri communities after the Degothia community of North eastern pushed the Garris out of the areas they previously occupied occasioning the Federal Government of Ethiopia to settle the Garris into the disputed lands that Boranas claim ownership.

The refugees are being hosted in Somare, Lami, Bori, Sessi, Biashara Street, Al-k-Rashid Primary School, Nana, Kinisa and Yaballo areas of Moyale. Most concentrations are at Somare Primary School.