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Minister Müller in the world’s biggest refugee camp

Press release of 29.03.2016 |

Nairobi – One week before Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta visits Germany, Minister Gerd Müller has arrived in East Africa for a five-day visit. The German delegation will start off by visiting the world’s biggest refugee camp. There are about 350,000 people living in Dadaab, most of whom are from Somalia. The camp has been in existence for almost 25 years and its residents are mainly looked after by UNHCR, with help too from Germany.

"With 60 million refugees requiring shelter and assistance worldwide, many developing countries are facing enormous challenges," says Minister Müller. "These developing countries are hosting 90 per cent of all the refugees. The international community must make a combined effort to help these people where they are and give them back some kind of prospects."

In addition to assisting with meeting the basic needs of the refugees in Kenya, Germany is also involved in providing training and returnee programmes for them. There are more than 660,000 refugees living in Kenya, most of whom are from Somalia or South Sudan.

Another topic on the agenda for Minister Müller’s visit to Kenya is vocational training. The Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development is going to be expanding its involvement in this area. Over one third of young Kenyans are without work. Meanwhile, the population of the country is set to double by 2040.

Other stops on the Minister’s visit to East Africa will be Tanzania and Djibouti.