Meru County (Meru North): 2015 Long Rains Food Security Assessment Report (August 2015)



Meru County comprises Igembe North, Igembe Central, Igembe South, Tigania East, Tigania West, Buuri, Imenti Central, Imenti South, and ImentiNorth Sub Counties. It borders Isiolo to the North and North East, TharakaNithi and Kitui the South and Tana River Counties to the southeast. Meru has a total area of 4057 Km² of which 833km2 is the Meru National Park. Meru North has a population of 1,356,297 persons (KNBS Projections 2013) and four major livelihoods zones which are Marginal Mixed Farming (27 percent), Mixed Farming-Food crops, Tea, Coffee Dairy (50 percent) and Rain fed cropping (23 percent) as shown in figure 1 above. The county lies within latitudes 0º 5’ and 0º 40’ North, and longitudes 37º 50’ E and 38º 25’E of the Greenwich meridian. Altitude ranges from 600m-2,145m above sea level. The lower parts which constitute about 60 percent of the total area are designated as the Northern grazing areas and are characterized by low and erratic rainfall.

1.2 Current Factors Affecting Food Security

The factors that affected food security in Meru North include;

  • Prompt access to farm inputs

  • In-migration of livestock

  • Poor farming methods

  • Unregulated water abstraction

  • Lack of diversified agriculture

  • Lack of /poor storage facilities