Meru County: Drought Early Warning Bulletin for February 2016


Drought Situation & EW Phase Classification

Bio-physical indicators

  • February remained relatively dry with showers only reported during the first and third dekads. The second dekad was hot and dry.

  • Vegetation conditions remained good this month with the county recording a vegetation condition index of 62.89

  • Water resources were in good state as sources were adequately recharged last season.

Socio Economic indicators (Impact indicators)

  • Pastures and browse were still in good conditions. Pastures contained good amounts of dry matter as they had reached physiological maturity.

  • Livestock body conditions were good in all livelihood zones.
    Milk production increased to an average of 32 litres compared to 25 litres last month.

  • Lumpy Skin Disease and CCPP were reported in Igembe Central Sub-county during the month.

  • Dry harvesting of maize crop is ongoing with a slightly above normal harvest expected. Bean harvest was concluded early in the month with a slightly below normal harvest realised.

  • Percentage of children at risk of malnutrition whose MUAC was below 135mm was 15 percent which was below the average of 19 percent for the month

  • Conflicts in the grazing areas of the Agro-pastoral livelihood zone were reported this month similar to last month