Meru County: Drought Early Warning Bulletin for April 2017


Drought Situation & EW Phase Classification

Biophysical Indicators

  • The County received an average of 20 – 50 percent of normal rains which were poorly distributed across space and time. Agro-pastoral livelihood zone received the least amounts

  • Vegetation conditions declined further this month across all livelihood zones with Vegetation condition Index recorded at 25.41 compared to 30.92 last month

  • Pasture and browse conditions were largely poor in the Agro-pastoral livelihood zone and fair in all the others.

Socio Economic Indicators (Impact Indicators)

Production indicators

  • Livestock body conditions were largely fair to poor in the Agropastoral livelihood zone and fair in the Mixed Farming and Rain-fed cropping livelihoods

  • Milk production declined to an average of 13 litres compared to 20 litres the previous month due to deteriorating livestock body conditions.

  • First weeding was carried out towards the end of the month in the Mixed Farming and Rain-fed cropping. Withering and complete drying of crops was noted in the lower areas of Agro-pastoral livelihood zone. Overall, crop performance is fair to poor this season

Access indicators

  • Return watering distances for households was 14 km this month compared to 17 km last month. Livestock covered 9 km this month compared to 18 km the previous month.

Utilization Indicators

  • 27 percent of sampled children were at risk of malnutrition compared to 24 percent last month.