Medair surveys the floods in Western Kenya

Medair along with Mission Aviation Fellowship visited the region of Kisumu and Busia, western Kenya, on Wednesday, 7 May 2003, to further assess the deluged situation.
The Nyando River has swollen in many areas causing the water to flood its banks; crops were drowned in the overspill destroying approximately 10% of all agriculture however, the houses looked secure.

Medair met with the District Officers in Kisumu where they noted that many people have migrated to family members on the higher ground; some families hosting up to forty people. The inhabitants seemed reasonably prepared since the area has yearly mild floods.

Flying from Busia to Lake Victoria over the Sio River, Medair noted this region to be most severely affected with houses submerged with further flooded and damaged crops, however the community and government seem to have the situation under control for the time being. The District Officers informed that the 7 camps for the Internally Displaced People are holding a said 20,000 residents where they have access to clean water, provisions, health supplies and sanitation. Items still in need are additional food supplies, blankets, shelter material, mosquito nets and other household items.


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