Mbeere District: Drought Monthly Bulletin, December 2009

Situation Report
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Situation overview

- Relatively cool and wet weather conditions prevailed across the district although the rainfall was poorly distributed.

- Weeding was the predominant agricultural activity in the district and food purchase prices remained high.

- Pasture and browse availability and accessibility were good, resulting in good livestock body conditions.

- No cases of livestock disease outbreaks were reported within the district.

- Water availability and accessibility was good as both permanent and seasonal water reservoirs recharged their water levels, thus reducing the pressure and congestion on the watering points.

- The nutrition status of children under 5 years improved slightly in comparison to the month of November. The percentage of children rated at risk of malnutrition (with MUAC <135mm) was 20.4 compared to 22.4 recorded in November. No major ailments were reported within the district.