Mandera District: Drought Monthly Bulletin, October 2006


Situation Overview

Rains were received in the entire district during the month under review

Pasture quality and quantities continued to improve mainly Banissa & Dandu divisions.

All major earth pans have impounded water.

The main sources of water during the month were major earth pans, laggas, underground tanks, River Daua and boreholes.

Livestock body condition was fair but in Banissa & Dandu divisions conditions well improved during the month of October.

The average market prices of large herds (camel & cattle) have increased by 18% and 26.5% respectively during October and prices of small herd dropped slightly. The livestock prices are below baseline average. However, observations made show an increase of prices in major urban centres.

Cereals prices are higher than average prices, but Posho price declined by Ksh 3.00 while maize increased by a shilling.

Other essential commodities such as rice and sugar prices dropped, while cooking oil price slightly hiked, however, observation made show that prices shot up due to inaccessible roads conditions within internal & external sources.

From the sampled divisions, Milk was consumed by nobody .This is attributed to dry herds. But this commodity will be available in the next month due to calving of livestock.

Percent of At Risk and Malnourished (ARM) children increased from previous month level by 8%.

Flagged Areas

Livestock rustling were reported at Elwak and Wargadud divisions

Recommendations to DSG & KFSSG

Sensitize ALL communities in the entire district on peace building

Provide Relief food and Supplementary feeding for the vulnerable groups and malnourished children and aged persons

Provision of farm inputs such as fodder & pasture, drought tolerant seeds for rain-fed and irrigation farming.

Vaccination campaign and mass treatments of livestock to minimize diseases and parasites.

Strengthen mobile outreach services and stock more basic drugs at rural health facilities

Provision of chemical water treatment for areas with earth pans and underground tanks.

Restocking of vulnerable members of the communities

Current Intervention

Non-food aid

The following interventions were carried out during the month in the district;

Vaccination and mass treatments of livestock by DVO through VSF-Suisse sponsor continued

Drilling of a borehole at Ashabito by Northern Aid.

Department of agriculture distributed 2.5MT sorghum seeds to Agro-pastoral farmers

Rehabilitation of 18 dispensaries centre in entire district by DANIDA & GOK

Provision of 300 lts contingency fuel for seeds distribution by ALRMP

Distribution of assorted grafted fruits trees in borehole areas by Islamic Relief

Sanitation & hygiene of 2000 target by Islamic Relief

Food aid

i) Supplementary feedings by Action Against Hunger, Islamic Relief and MSF-Belgium

ii) Therapeutic feeding centres (TFC) in Mandera district hospital and Elwak Sub- district by AAH and MSF-Belgium respectively.

iii) Distribution of relief food by EMOP in the entire district with total beneficiaries of 204,469 persons.

iv) Ramadhan food distribution of 75MT (assorted) to SFC & Secondary schools by Islamic Relief

DSG Meeting & Recommendations

On 26th October main DSG was held at the district HQ.

The agenda were- EMOP Sept Relief food distribution, Proposals/CAPS from communities, support to Agro-pastoralists by RACIDA, promotion of beekeeping by Ewaso N'giro North Development Authority, Livestock Early Warning System

The DSG members made the following recommendations;

Relief food for September distributed on 9th October to be hastened..

13 communities micro projects were approved

RACIDA will support 100 h/holds agro-pastoralist along riverine belt with 4 dairy goats and a buck, 20 pump-set for 20 groups and capacity building for the farmers. Areas to be supported include Rhamu, Rhamu dimtu and Central divisions (BPI).

Community based-livestock early warning system will be started next year in Mandera & harmonized with ALRMP EWS

Ewaso N'giro North Development Authority will promote beekeeping in the district through department of livestock.


1.1 Rainfall

The short rains (heavy) were received in the entire district.

Started on 30th Sept in Banissa & Dandu divisions

District wide, the short rains begin fully from 17th October and it was heavy.

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