Mandera District: Drought Monthly Bulletin, May 2007


Situation Overview

- The rainfall that was received in the entire district was below normal

- Water is adequate and available in the district; the main sources of water for the month of May were pan and dams, borehole and River Daua.

- Pasture quality and quantities were better in all the divisions.

- Livestock body condition continued to be better in the month of May

- Compared to last month the average prices of goat, sheep, camel and cattle have increased due to high demand in the market

- There is still a mysterious disease reported that is killing Camels in the entire District

- The main sources of income was sale livestock and casual labour

- The average daily wage for this month of May is 150ksh,compared to last month it decreased by 4ksh

- The average cereal price was normal as per compared to last month

- Percentage At Risk and Malnourished (ARM) children for the month of May is26%

- Other essential commodities such as rice, cooking oil and sugar prices were above average

- From sampled divisions, everybody but mostly children consumed Milk. This is attributed to more lactating herds with better pasture

Flagged Areas

No flagged areas so far.

Recommendations to DSG & KFSSG

- Sensitize ALL communities in the entire district on peace building

- Provide Relief food and Supplementary feeding for the vulnerable groups and malnourished children and aged persons

- Strengthen mobile outreach services and stock more basic drugs at rural health facilities

- Provision of chemical water treatment for the entire district.

- Vaccination and mass treatment of livestock disease in the entire district (mostly camel).

- Introduce Food For Work for long term development

Current Intervention

Non-food aid

The following interventions were carried out during the month in the district;

- RACIDA constructed underground water tank in TINFA (wargudud), SHIRSHIR, ASHABITO and CHIRICH in Bainissa

- MDPC Launched across border peace triangle meeting that was attended by Kenyan administration, Ethiopian administration and Somali administration.

- MDPC restocked 80 women's affected by conflicts and with HIV AIDS

- Islamic relief conducted a training on community health workers in 20 communities

Food aid

- Supplementary feedings by Action against Hunger and Islamic Relief

- Therapeutic feeding centers (TFC) in Mandera district hospital by AAH

- Communities Therapeutic feeding by Islamic Relief with total beneficiaries OF 150

- Distribution of relief food by EMOP with total beneficiaries of 126,072 persons for the month of May.