Mandera District: Drought Monthly Bulletin, December 2007


Situation Overview

- There were no rains received during the month under review.

- Water is available in most part of the district, although there are areas with stresses especially Karo,Farey,Bambo,Kubi onley,Garse,Kamor liban,Omar jillow,Ola,Chir chir,Elele,Kob adhadi,Sake,Guba,Kabo,Qarsa damo, and Tinfa.

- The main sources of water for the month of December were Earth pans, Boreholes, Underground water tanks, River Daua, and Shallows wells.

- On security issues there was conflict at Dusey near Jabibar where two peace elders were killed and four others persons killed at Hareri and Rhamu locations. Mandera Elites Peace Initiative Committee was formed to create peace dialogue between warring communities.

- Pasture quality and quantities were fair in all the divisions but continue to reduce when compared to preceding month.

- Livestock body conditions were fair in the month of December.

- The average household prices of livestock have increased when compared to preceding month and this is attributed to improved body conditions and increased market demand.

- The locust infestation has been controlled but ground controlling is still going on and the hoppers are still there.

- The main sources of income for the month of December were sales of livestock and casual labour.

- There are cases of Black quarter and CCPP livestock diseases reported in the entire district.

- The average daily wage for this month of December is 169/= ksh; compared to last month it decreased by Ksh 1/=.

- Percentage At Risk and Malnourished (ARM) children above 1 year and below 5 years for the month of December is 15.6%,when compared to last month, its stable

Flagged Areas

- The flagged locations are Omar Jilihow, Kabo, Kamor liban, Bambo, Kubi, Guba, Chir chir ,Ola Sukela, Kob adhadi,Sake ,Qarsa damo,Oda,Farey and Hareri hosle locations due to water shortage, hence, water tankering should be carried out.

Recommendations to DSG

- Mobilization and sensitization of ALL communities in the entire district on peace building -Action MDPC & provincial administration

- Vaccination and treatment of black quarter and CCPP disease in the entire district Action -DVO

- Supplementary feeding to continue so as to reduce the malnutrition- Action AAH & Islamic Relief

- Water tracking in the areas affected with water stresses- Action ALRMP MANDERA, Ministry of Water & other actors.

Current Interventions

Non-food aid

The following interventions were carried out during the month in the district;

- KRCS Distributed mosquito nets at Guba health centre and aqua tabs to MANDERA District hospital

- RACIDA distributed 4,500 Bed nets to communities leaving in Rhamu Dimtu and Malka Mari divisions

- RACIDA also distributed 3000 jericans (20ltr) in communities of Rhamu and Rhamu dimtu divisions

- AAH distributed mosquito nets, blankets, kanga, jericans, and soaps to vulnerable at TFC, OTP, and SFP.

- Islamic Relief distributed 8000 goats' meat in the entire district during the Eidul Hajj Celebrations.

Food aid

- Supplementary feedings by Action against Hunger and Islamic Relief

- Therapeutic feeding centers (TFC) in Mandera district hospital by AAH

- Distribution of relief food by COCOP with total beneficiaries of 104,710 persons for the month of December (accurate beneficiaries for this month).

DSG Meeting & Recommendations


- November Drought Bulletin

- Desert Locust Infestation -DAO/DLPO

- Conflict Mitigation sub-committee-MDPC