Mandera District: Drought Monthly Bulletin, April 2007


Situation Overview

- The rainfalls that were received in the entire district were below normal

- Water is adequate and available in the district, the main sources of water for the month of April was pan and dams, borehole and river daua.

- Pasture quality and quantities were better in all the divisions.

- Livestock body condition continued to be better in the month of April

- Compared to last month the average prices of goat,sheep,camel and cattle have decreased due to low demand in the market

- There is cholera outbreak reported in Mandera town which killed 4 people

- There was a mysterious disease reported that was killing camel in the entire district and cases of Contagious Caprine Pluro pneumonia in goats

- The main sources of income was sale livestock and casual labour

- The average daily wage for this month of April is 154ksh,compared to last month it increased by 4ksh

- The average cereal price was normal as per compared to last month

- On Security issue where One person was killed in Mandera town by bandits and there was a confrontation and high tension between Garre and Murrule communities though there were no casualties however the project took swift action by facilitating elder from both communities to diffuse the situation before escalating into conflict

- Percentage At Risk and Malnourished (ARM)children decreased by 9%from previous month

- Other essential commodities such as rice, cooking oil and sugar prices were above average

- From sampled divisions, Milk was consumed by everybody but mostly children. This is attributed to more lactating herds with better pasture

Flagged Areas

No flagged areas so far.

Recommendations to DSG & KFSSG

- Sensitize ALL communities in the entire district on peace building

- Provide Relief food and Supplementary feeding for the vulnerable groups and malnourished children and aged persons

- Strengthen mobile outreach services and stock more basic drugs at rural health facilities

- Provision of chemical water treatment for the entire district.

- Mobilization and sensitization of Cholera outbreak in Mandera town to prevent further spread

- Vaccination and mass treatment of livestock disease in the entire district (mostly camel).

- Introduce Food For Work for long term development

Current Intervention

Non-food aid

The following interventions were carried out during the month in the district;

- RACIDA constructed underground water tank in TINFA (wargudud), SHIRSHIR, ASHABITO and CHIRICH in Bainissa

- RACIDA distributed 2600 mosquito nets to Rhamu Dimtu Location

- MDPC conducted meeting between Kenyan administration and Ethiopian administration on security issue

- MDPC conducted district strategic plan for peace in the district

- MDPC also formed pastoralist committee on conflict zone(El-wak and Lafey)

- Islamic relief conducted a training on community health workers in 20 communities

- Islamic relief constructed 2 earth pan in Kamor Liban and Arabia

Food aid

- Supplementary feedings by Action against Hunger and Islamic Relief

- Therapeutic feeding centers (TFC) in Mandera district hospital by AAH

- Communities Therapeutic feeding by Islamic Relief with total beneficiaries OF 150

- Distribution of relief food by EMOP with total beneficiaries of 19399 persons.

DSG Meeting & Recommendations


- Confirmation of previous minutes
- Mass treatment and vaccination of livestock
- EMOP programme
- Lidow project- Practical Action
- A.O.B


- DSG approved that DMLC to seek additional funds to increase the areas of coverage and areas that were left out during the mass treatment of livestock and vaccination

- DSG recommended the good work done by Practical Action E A in livelihood and donkey welfare project and promised to give the necessary support needed by them