Mandera County: Drought Early Warning Bulletin for August 2013


Situation Overview

  • The dry spell persisted with no rainfall being experienced throughout the County for the month of August.

  • The pasture is getting depleted at an alarming rate in areas around water points.
    However, some parts such as Guba, Tarbei, Chiracha and Choroqo have plenty of dry pasture though the displaced households had not returned to these areas.

  • Main sources of water for the month of August were Boreholes, Natural Rivers (e.g Daua), Earth pans, Shallow wells and under ground water tanks.

  • Livestock body condition has deteriorated as compared to last month and this is due to depletion of pasture and water reservoirs.

  • Percentage at Risk and Malnourished (ARM) children above 1 year and below 5 years seemed to be on the rise. It had increased from19.01 %( July), to 20.6% during the month of August.

  • Livestock prices had depreciated considerably with the Camel experiencing the greatest shock of approximately40% drop.

  • Most households had not returned to their lands and that continued to impact negatively on the quantity of milk available leading to a sharp increase in milk price where a litre fetched Ksh 60 in some areas.

  • Calm had finally returned and there were no cases of insecurity that has been reported in the entire County. In addition to that, previously impassible roads such as BanissaOlla-Rhamu had since been operational despite fear of attacks.

  • A number of schools in the affected areas of Rhamu and Banissa had since been opened albeit for a short stint before students proceeded for the August holiday.

  • The livelihoods had been impacted negatively with trading activity at its lowest.

  • The drought situation in the County remained Alert and the trends are Worsening.