Mandera County: Drought Early Warning Bulletin for April 2014


Situation Overview

  • Rainfall received in all parts of the County during the month under review and was below normal.

  • Main sources of water for the month of April were Boreholes, water trucking, shallow wells, Earth pans, Rivers Daua, and underground water tanks.

  • There is water trucking going on in areas of Mandera South, North and East sub counties which has recieved limited rains during the month.

  • Most of the Earth pans in Western part of the County have impounded water which can last for only one month.

  • Pasture and browse quality and quanties are good in western parts and few pockets of Lafey Sub County while the others parts of the county have little browse.

  • Mass in migration of livestock has been witnessed from Mandera South to Western parts and Lafey and Rhamu to Jabibar and Gari location respectively.

  • Livestock body conditions for all species are good in western part while the other parts have fair body condition.

  • The average household prices of livestock have increased when compared to the preceding month

  • No crops planted in agro pastoral zone due to below normal rains while in Irrigated cropping zone,
    Maize and cow peas are at knee height stage of crop production.

  • Offices of Mandera East town administrator was burnt by unknown militia during the month under review

  • There were no insecurity incidences reported in other parts of the County during the month under review

  • Percentage at Risk and Malnourished (ARM) children above 1 year and below 5 years increased from19.0% to 21.4% for month of April.

  • The drought situation in the County remained Alert and the trends are worsening.