Mandera attack sitrep update no. 1, on 7th July 2015

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Situation Overview

Heavy explosion and gunfire was reported in Mandera on the morning of 7th July 2015 at around 0215hrs near Soko la Mbuzi (Goats Market) in Mandera County, North East Kenya.

It is reported that a group of armed men attacked a residential premise occupied mainly by quarry workers and local construction workers killing 11 people at the scene of the attack using hand grenades and firearms. Three (3) more people are reported to have died while undergoing treatment at the Mandera level 4 hospital where they had been transferred. Likewise 11 survivors with varying degrees of injuries five of them critically injured, received treatment in Mandera level 4 hospital by daybreak.

KRCS Response

The Kenya Red Cross society (KRCS) in response towards the situation supported in evacuating the injured and the deceased bodies to Mandera Hospital. Initial identification of the bodies was carried out, by today morning at 10 o’clock, 10 bodies had been identified. Tracing team contacted the families of the survivors who were still admitted in hospital.

In addition one plane with a team of 6 personnel (4 paramedic, 1 doctors and 1 Emergency operation centre officer) was deployed to Mandera on early hours of today 7th July 2015, to evacuate the critically injured victims from Mandera Hospital to Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi. Two planes have been dispatched by the National Disaster Operations Centre (NDOC) (Under the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government) to transport the injured and the other one to ferry the deceased bodies from Mandera to Nairobi.

Currently KRCS has notified the Kenyatta National Hospital to admit the affected victims on arrival. Equally, a team of paramedics with 8 ambulances has been organized to transfer the injured on arrival from Wilson airport to Kenyatta National Hospital. Moreover a team of counsellors has also been mobilized to provide psychological first aid, emotional support and tracing services to family members, friends and relatives of the deceased, and survivors both in Nairobi and Nairobi.


KRCS continues to monitor the situation progress closely, in coordination with the respective arms of government, primarily NDOC and National Disaster Management Unit response (NDMU).