Makueni County: Drought Early Warning Bulletin for January 2014



  • Dry weather conditions prevailed within the county during the month of January, with no rainfall being recorded in the county.

  • Food security situation is expected to worsen as the imminent maize crop failure continues to take toll due to the over-reliance of communities on maize as the staple food.

  • Quantity and quality of Pasture and browse was good in all the livelihood zones in the county.

  • Major water sources for domestic and livestock within the County are traditional river wells, Natural Rivers, pans and dams, springs, shallow wells, boreholes and Sand dams.

  • Water levels in most of the water reservoirs remained good and are projected to last for a period of 2 months.

  • Compared to last month distances to water sources increased slightly in most parts of the county to an average of 2.08 to 2.32 kilometres.

  • Market prices of Cereals like maize, rice and posho retailed at ksh38.67, Ksh91.67 and Ksh48.41 respectively compared to last month which was ksh38.08, Ksh92.5 and ksh47.78 respectively while that of legumes like beans, green grams and cowpeas retailed at Ksh78.7, Ksh85 and Ksh40 compared to last month which was ksh82.43, ksh95.83 and ksh43.75 respectively.

  • The livestock health and body conditions remained generally good for Cattle, Goats and sheep.

  • Compared to the month of December the household average prices for livestock increased as follows: goat Ksh2,944 to Ksh3,239; Sheep from Ksh2,050 to Ksh2,200 and Poultry from Ksh373.57 to Ksh400 while that of cattle decreased from Ksh21,667 to Ksh16,000;.

  • Under-fives who are at risk of malnutrition stood at 8.09% a slight increase compared to that of last month which was 7.93%. This reflects a good and stable situation.