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LWF Kenya/Sudan Programme Situation Report Jun 2001

General Situation
The trial of those accused of involvement in the bombing of the US Embassy in Nairobi city centre in August 1998 continued in New York. One man was sentenced to life imprisonment, one other is awaiting sentencing after being found guilty of murder, 2 others were awaiting sentencing after they were found guilty of conspiracy.

Heavy bombing in the town of Raga (western Bahr-el-Ghazal south Sudan, some 350-400km west of Rumbek town where LWF has a base) by Government of Sudan (GoS) followed the capture of the town by the SPLA. On the morning of June 3rd, an Antonov bomber dropped 6-8 bombs on the town. On June 6th 3 more bombs were dropped. Many civilians were injured and 4 reported to have been killed. A school, a dispensary and the airstrip were hit during the bombing. Presently the 35,000 residents of Raga are said to have evacuated the town, as the GoS launched a major counter offensive to try to recapture the town. The bishop of the diocese of Rumbek has requested for assistance. LWF has attended a recent meeting of church agencies in Nairobi and an assessment involving CEAS is expected to visit the town to assess the needs.

The US has appointed a special envoy to Sudan in a renewed bid to re-energise a stalled peace process. Recent talks in Nairobi led by the regional grouping IGAD failed in their bid to bring SPLA leader John Garang and Sudanese President Omar el-Bashir face to face to try and secure peace.

Close to 600 Zanzibaris are presently in Dadaab refugee camp in north eastern Kenya. There are reports that they risk being declared illegal immigrants after declining voluntary repatriation. Other Zanzibaris have recently been repatriated to Pemba island.

Programme Activities

Strategic Plan 2002-2006

The report from the Strategic Planning Process in March/April has now been finalised and there have been concerted efforts in all projects (Kakuma, Turkana and south Sudan) during the past month in taking this process to the next step. The details are given below in the project sections.

Part of the report includes our Mission Statement:

"LWF/DWS Kenya/Sudan seeks to address the causes & consequences of human suffering and poverty amongst some of the most vulnerable communities in south Sudan and Kenya, through participatory relief & development interventions in partnership with local communities, organisations and institutions."


The wrap up activities of the FFP project in Rumbek and Yirol counties is almost complete. All food distribution has been completed and LWF/DWS now has the approval to hand over the remaining food stocks in Rumbek (108MT) and Yirol (88MT) to WFP. WFP's assessment mission to both counties to appraise the IDP situation in June was interrupted with the upsurge in bombing by the GoS in the west of Bahr-el-Ghazal. However the IDPs situation in one location in Yirol county, which were previously assisted under the FFP project will be assessed by WFP, before they decide on how to use the remaining food stocks.

Agreements were signed with NPA regarding the handing over of foodstocks in Uganda and 2 trucks (FFP assets). Final reports were drafted and submitted to LWR for review.

The new Project Coordinator for south Sudan, Peter Mutoredzanwa has now arrived and taken up his position in Yirol town. He travelled together with the country director to Kakuma refugee camp, Turkana project and then onto Yirol in Sudan. There was opportunity to meet up with staff in all projects and obtain necessary briefing and background to LWF's interventions.

There was also opportunity to meet staff and discuss the staffing and plans for the coming 6 months in Sudan. A new staff team has now been identified to undertake the participatory planning within the context of the People to People Peace Process. All staff will be in place by 1st July. Further meetings will be held with NSCC (New Sudan Council of Churches) and CEAS (Church Ecumenical Action in Sudan) in the coming weeks as we develop a concept paper. This concept paper is expected to be shared with donors and partners in early August, in advance of a draft 2002 proposal by mid September.


A one day workshop in Kakuma with Turkana staff was held on 9th June. Also participating were some Kakuma staff (community services, education and water), and the new PC for Sudan. The objective was to identify recovery options and discuss the future interventions. The Turkana staff are now in the process of developing a "Recovery Proposal" covering a one year period. This will shared with potential donors following its approval at the district steering group forum.

Meanwhile the Therapeutic feeding centre has closed at the end of May, following the reduction in the numbers of under-5s attending. Efforts will now be made to provide follow up and training with those same families by our community health and nutrition staff. We are very grateful to the assistance given be UNICEF and by DanchurchAid to this centre, during the past 5 months.


Further input to the strategic planning process has taken place. On the 22nd June LWF conducted a one day workshop in Lokichoggio for all partner agencies operating in Kakuma. The aim was to present the more detailed action plans for the coming years to the partners and also to obtain their reaction and input to the planning process. These plans will now be fine tuned and proposals developed for the various donor agencies.

World Refugee day was celebrated on 20th June in both Nairobi and Kakuma. LWF/DWS has been involved at both locations and there was a pull out section in the national press, where LWF had a section outlining its activities in the camp.

The second quarter installment of funds from UNHCR was also received this month enabling salaries to be paid. The 3rd quarter report is under preparation and due to be submitted by 5th July in anticipation of the 3rd instalment.

More good news, the agreement with BPRM (US Dept. of State) through LWR has now been approved and signed.

The recent job vacancies for Kakuma advertised on our website have brought a huge response. More than 800 visits to our website were made in the space of a week.


LWF/DWS is finalising its security guidelines/policy for all projects and programme offices.

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Visitors to the Programme

None during this period.


The post of Programme Coordinator was advertised in the national press and on our website. Interviews have been conducted and a potential candidate has been offered the post to begin 1st August.

Peter Mutoredzanwa, arrived in Nairobi on 4th June from Mozambique and has now taken taken up his position as PC in south Sudan.