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LWF Kenya/Sudan Programme Situation Report Feb 2001

General Country Situation
Close to 2000 Zanzibaris mostly from the island of Pemba have arrived in Shimoni south of Mombasa on Kenya’s coast, following political violence on the islands during January and early February. UNHCR in collaboration with Red Cross and other agencies has been providing food, water and non food items.

In late February (27th) Uganda declared itself free from the deadly Ebola virus. However the quarantining of newly arrived refugees at the transit camp in Lokichoggio continues for new arrivals from south Sudan.

In south Sudan UNICEF have been involved in the transfer of up to 2,500 demobilised child soldiers from northern Bahr-el-Ghazal, who are still in the process of being transferred to Rumbek county. LWF/DWS are involved in so far as it affects our foodstores in Akot (Rumbek county). UNICEF are in the process of providing a rubbhall as alternative storage facilities.

Programme Activities


The FFP 2000 project continued in February. During this month schools remained closed (due to reopen start of April). Non food items are expected to be in place in March. This month saw movement of food items between Rumbek and Yirol counties now that the river level has subsided. Food was distributed as per work plan to food for work activities. Work on completion of the ferry and its docking points will be completed in March.

The draft annual report for the Rehabilitation project is complete and will be submitted to CAFOD in March.


In Turkana EMOP (Emergency Operations) general feeding activities in Turkana continued and a nutrition survey was conducted in collaboration with UNICEF, GoK and World Vision. There was technical support from UNICEF and Concern Worldwide. A global budget for this will be sent to FCA as soon as its ready. As yet World Vision have not yet prepared the WFP/WV budget for each of the NGOs involved in the operation (for p[eriod January till June 2001). However LWF/DWS did receive the outstanding funds for the remaining period (October to December 2000) from WV during February.

The Therapeutic Feeding Centre was officially handed over to LWF/DWS on February 6th from IRC (International Rescue Committee). The monthly narrative updates will be shared with the DCA office in Nairobi since they are funding this activity. DCA Regional Representative Marianne Hallberg visited the centre during early February. UNICEF have assisted the activity by providing dry skimmed milk and various non food item inputs for the running of the centre.


In Kakuma an evaluation was conducted from 2nd till 28th of February. Two consultants were hired for this task and the draft report has already been reviewed on 28th February in Nairobi. A visit to the field was undertaken between 6th and 14th February by the team. The final report is due in our Nairobi office early in March.

The ACT 2001 appeal was submitted to Geneva on 14th February and responses to comments are being submitted early March, in the hope it will be released in mid March. The BPRM proposal has not yet been signed but LWR has informed us that we should receive feedback by 6th March, 2001. The UNHCR SPMR 2000 was not submitted as planned by 28th February since UNHCR has requested that we wait until the ‘revised’ budget for 2000 has been received from the UNHCR Geneva office (ie less the 20% that was cut).

A photojournalist from BBC has been commissioned to produce a short video on Kakuma for the purpose of raising awareness and fund raising amongst and with the international community, including the related partner agencies of LWF. Etta Halliday has been in Kenya from 20th February till 6th March for this purpose.


Late report for Tana River (AFKE92) was submitted on 9th February.

The 2000 Annual report has been drafted and taken to printers for layout. It is due to be printed early March.

The Strategic Planning process is underway and during February a facilitator was identified from 7 tenders to conduct this process due to begin in mid March. The Terms of Reference were finalised ahead of the tendering process.

Work on the new website is underway and we hope to have it up and running in early March The new address will be


It was not possible to finalise all the staff contracts including the new medical coverage for 2001 during February. The existing coverage has been extended till end of March and meanwhile the staff contracts have been finalised for Kakuma and Turkana senior staff.

It was agreed with DMD to convert part of their office into a meeting room for agencies on the compound and this meeting room (for 15-20 persons) was completed before the end of the month. In March it will be used by the LWF auditors until 25th March.

The reception area of the office was also renovated in order to improve the security. Water remains a problem at the office and continues to be trucked in.

E-mail communication was established via the radio waves (at no operational costs) with Kakuma refugee camp and a new digital camera was purchased for Kakuma and Turkana projects to help increase the flow of photos and feature reports (which will be posted on the website).

Visitors To The Programme

Marianne Hallberg of DCA regional office visited Kakuma refugee camp and the Turkana Therapeutic Feeding Centre during this month.

Coming Up In March 2001

  • Continued work for the Strategic Planning process (to begin mid March to early April)
  • Submitting the 2000 narrative and finance reports for UNHCR, BPRM and ACT in Kakuma.
  • Submitting the 2000 narrative and finance reports for Rehabilitation project in Sudan.
  • Circulate the 2000 Annual Report in mid March.
  • Finish issuing staff contracts for 2001.