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LWF Kenya/Sudan Programme Situation Report Aug 2001

General Situation  
40 more Tanzanian refugees returned home from Kenya in late August. This leaves some 463 Tanzanians remaining in Dadaab refugee camp in north east Kenya.

Following the rejection of the Kenya Anti-Corruption Authority (Kaca) Bill by parliament, IMF have indicated that aid, they expected to release in the current fiscal year, will remain frozen.

Programme Activities  

LWF/DWS Strategic Planning

In advance of a 3 day meeting in Geneva (22-24th August) to discuss LWF/DWS strategic plan, field directors from the programmes in the region (Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya/Sudan, Eritrea & Ethiopia) took the opportunity to meet in Nairobi on 20th August to discuss inputs and share ideas from the field.


The FFP report was close to completion by the end of August. It will now be sent on to USAID/FFP by LWR.

A "Concept Paper" drawn up by our team of staff in Sudan was finalised in Nairobi in late August and has been sent out to related partners and agencies for their initial comments and response, on 31st August. Copies have also been shared with CEAS and NSCC awaiting their input and response, before we finalise the full proposal in September. In essence the proposal aims to address 3 main critical issues in the first Phase (2002)), namely, peace building, capacity building and disaster mitigation & preparedness (DMP), in order to establish a foundation and platform from which to base future interventions in other areas, including functional community social services, and establishing democratic and participatory focussed civil institutions sensitive to gender issues.


The Emergency Operations (EMOP) in Turkana operationally began phase 3 of its operations when July rations were distributed in mid August. Unlike previous months 3 commodities (oil, pulses and cereals) were all distributed to 77,395 beneficiaries. August rations will be distributed in September, but this will be to a revised figure of 66,777 beneficiaries. LWF met with WVK in Nairobi to discuss the details and work out the budget figures for the coming period to end December 2001, in line with the reduced numbers and tonnage of food.

In addition to the food distribution the project also continued with its nutrition education, targeting Oropoi division, being the area least effectively reached by health and nutrition services.

A concept paper for a recovery intervention in Oropoi division of Turkana district (bordering Uganda) was finalised and sent out to various related agencies and partners for their response regarding future possibilities of funding. This new intervention aims at developing water access in two potential grazing zones currently unutilized due to lack of water.


66% of the 3rd quarter instalments from UNHCR have been paid by 31st August, after submitting reports promptly on 5th July. UNHCR are still experiencing problems in cash flow and have indicated no date when the final amount shall be paid.  

Some 526 new arrivals were registered in August (mostly Sudanese). Schools were closed during the month. Regular activities continued and work began on the new LWR/BPRM funded teacher training centre in Kakuma town which will benefit both refugee teachers and the local Turkana teachers.  

A Gender workshop, involving representatives from all agencies in the camp and the refugees took place in Nairobi. This focussed on gender concepts, gender in the project cycle, gender mainstreaming, gender policy, monitoring and evaluation, and an action plan.


Security Guidelines/ Standing Orders document was finalised by end of August. Copy will be sent to LWF Geneva early September.  

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Visitors to the Programme

Team of 13 Canadians, led by Heather MacDonald from the United Church of Canada, currently visiting Kenya at invitation of NCCK visited our Nairobi office in late August before proceeding onto visit Kakuma Refugee Camp and south Sudan.


The post of Programme Coordinator has not yet been filled.