Kenya + 1 more

Life Mission for Africa - Activity Report 24th August 2011

Doctors Worldwide’s Life Mission for Africa is continuing multifaceted in East Africa where is hit by the worst climate disaster of last 60 years.

. In Kenya, up to 23rd August 2011, there is a nutritious high energy cooked food distribution in two different places, Ifo camp region and Dagahaley camp region. From the beginning of the operation on 2nd August to 20 August, 10.429 meals have been distributed to the families in Dadaab area, especially not-yet-registered refugees.

· The capacity of daily distribution increased up to 1500 meals (app.7500 people) per day.
In addition, in an orphanage in Mombasa, called Khadija Center, every day 400 poor people are being served cooked food.

· In order to ensure equity and to reach more needy people in coordination with other NGO’s, distribution areas are being tried to be extended.

· Furthermore, a medicine convoy including 90.265 boxes, worth 500.000 USD medicines, is sent by a ship prepared by Turkish Prime Ministry, to Mogadishu on 19th August. It is planned to arrive at Mogadishu port on 10th September. Medicines will be used under supervision of Doctors Worldwide.

· In both Kenya and Somalia, long term capacity building projects in health sector are being shaped by Doctors Worldwide.

· There is a permanent seven staff in Dadaab region in addition to a monthly supervisory team for one week from Doctors Worldwide, Turkey. In Mogadishu, Doctors Worldwide’s first team is deployed on 23rd August2011. They will be studying feasibility work for long term health projects for both IDP’s and settled Somali people for one week.

· Second team for Mogadishu will be deploying on 30th August. And there will be periodical team shift both to Kenya Dadaab region and to Somalia Mogadishu.