Lamu County: Drought Early Warning Bulletin for November 2017

Situation Report
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Biophysical Indicators
- The onset of the short rains was experienced in the 3rd dekad of October as opposed to the 1st dekad of October.
- The vegetation condition Index VCI-3Month) was 56.62 in the month of November showing a decrease from 62.75 in October.
- The VCI indicated vegetation condition greenness that was above normal. The overall drought phase in the county was normal in November.

Production Indicators
- All livestock species exhibited fair to good body condition and on an improving trend.
- Milk production increased from 3.8litres in October to 4.6litres in November.

Access Indicators
- The average Term of Trade increased for the month of November to 165 compared to 152 in October.
- Average return household watering distance decreased from 5.2km in October to 4.8 Km in November due to some rainfall recorded.
- Milk consumption in November was at 1.6 litres lower than the long term Average of 19.51 litres.

Utilization Indicators
- The proportion of children at risk of malnutrition increased from 4.8 percent in October to 4.9 percent in November which was slightly lower than the long-term mean of 5.0 percent.
- The average coping strategy Index was 8.54 in November, a increase from 6.66 in October.