Laikipia East, West, and North Districts: Drought Monthly Bulletin, November 2009

Situation Report
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Situation overview

- The rains stopped during the month of November, with insignificant showers in the districts but signs were strong towards the end of the month.

- Pasture started regenerating following the good showers received in October but it is not expected to sustain livestock for long, especially cattle, though the shoats are getting enough.

- Water was available following the heavy rains received in October but if the prevailing dry spell experienced in November continues seasonal rivers will dry up.

- Farmers planted crops in October and are expected to start weeding their farms but the rains have stopped though there are high hopes that they might continue.

- Majority of the livestock that was residing on Mt Kenya moved back to their respective homes, though a big number died due to the drought and diseases.

- Milk production was still very poor owing the poor body condition of the livestock and the poor pasture following cessation of the rains in November.

- The nutrition status of children below five years improved, with the percentage of those rated at risk of malnutrtition dropping to 11% from 13 in October.

- Food stress was evident as the EMOP did not distribute any food in October and November.