Laikipia District: Drought Monthly Bulletin, March 2007


Situation Overview

- Signs of long rains have started showing in most of the district.

- Agricultural farmers are now planting for the long rains.

- Livestock body condition good

- Livestock markets are now open following the closure of the markets due to the rift valley fever.

- Most of the rivers are drying up due to the current dry spell.

Current interventions.

- Veterinary department is still carrying out an FMD and Lumpy Skin Disease vaccination campaign.

- Branding of livestock is also on going.

1. Environmental indicators

1.1. Rainfall

- There were some scattered showers in mid March but towards the end rains stopped though signs of continuation of the rains are visible. This is expected to continue by April.

1.2. Natural vegetation (Browse and pasture).

- Despite the fact that it has rained slightly the pastures are still dry in the pastoral zones.

- But there is enough pastures for livestock consumption.

1.3 Water Availability

- Most of the seasonal river beds are now dry in most of the district.

- Most of the rural people continued to access water from rivers and dams.

- Distance to water points increasing.