Laikipia District: Drought Monthly Bulletin, April 2007

Situation Report
Originally published


Situation Overview

- Long rains have started and is poorly distributed, Mukogodo division being the worst with very little rains.

- Most of the rivers are flowing following the onset of the rains.

- Livestock body condition of most species is moderate to good especially for cattle and sheep.

- Crops are at germination stage in the marginal and mixed farming zones.

- Food security remained relatively stable as most of the livestock markets were open and the food stocks from the short rains were still available for the marginal agricultures zones.

- Pasture and browse were relatively fair and improving owing to the onset of the rains.

Recommendation to the district DSG

- Assessment of food security at house holds level for the pastoral and marginal agriculture zones.

- School fees bursaries to the poor parents of the pastoral and marginal agriculture zones

- Restocking to be done for the farmers who lost animals in the drought of last year.

- De-worming of the shoats following the rains.