Kwale, Kinango, and Msambweni Districts: Drought Monthly Bulletin, December 2009


Situation overview

- The district received some rains, with Matuga recording 89 mm in 9 days, Msambweni recording 43.1mm in 7 days while Kinango received 86mm for 4 days. This was lower than the average expected trend of 2006 - 2008.

- The pasture quality and quantity was good due to the light showers received often.

- The livestock body condition was good because the pasture condition was good and water was available. No livestock from neighboring provinces was in the district.

- Pans, dams, other sources and boreholes remained the main sources of water in the district. Some impounded water following the rains received.

- Most of the crops especially in mixed farming livelihood zone had cobs.

- An increase in the percentage of children under 5 years at risk of malnutrition based on the MUAC<135mm measurement was recorded at 9.2 % this month from 8.6% of last month. Very high increase in malnutrition was reported in Sega at 16.2%, Kiteje at 9.3% and Vigurungani at 25.8%.

- Human/ wildlife conflict was reported mainly due to elephant menace in the mixed farming livelihood area.

- Currently the district is at alarm stage, with an improving trend due to the rains received.