Kitui District: Drought Monthly Bulletin, May 2007


Situation over view

- Food security situation remained stable

- light rainfall showers that were poorly spatially distributed were received in the district

- pasture and browse situation remained stable

- water stress is being experienced in the marginal mixed farming livelihood zone

- cases of Newcastle disease were reported in Mutha & Mutomo divisions

- short -term maturing pigeon peas is being harvested whereas moderate period maturing pigeon pea crop is at flowering and podding stage

- maize and bean crops in the field are drying -up

- livestock body conditions are good

- prices of livestock went up

- prices of maize remained stable

- the nutritional status for children below the age of five improved

Recommendations to DSG and KFSM

- Sensitization of farmers on house hold food budget economy

- NCPB should allow farmers in Mutitu to use their storage facility which is lying idle yet they don't have adequate storage facilities. They should also maintain a strategic preserve of stocks purchased from district to sell to farmers during the dry period

- A permanent solution to the water crisis in Mutomo should be sought

- Initiate livestock upgrading programs

- A base line survey on the viability bee- keeping enterprises in the district should be conducted

- Plans for destocking campaigns should be established

- The current fruit production potential within the district should be well harnessed for improved productivity

Current Interventions

Food Interventions

- Distribution of food to the vulnerable groups in Yatta, Ikutha & Mutha divisions by ADRA Kenya

- Occasional distribution of food to vulnerable members of the community by GoK

- UN WFP is preparing communities in the mixed farming livelihood zone to undertake food for assets projects

Non Food Interventions

- Development of water storage facilities by German Agro Action

- Setting up Micro-irrigation projects along Tiva & Athi Rivers by ALRMP & ADRA Kitui project

- Communities have started preparing their horticultural plots along the river banks

- Livestock vaccinations against black quarter in Mwitika

- Sensitization on food storage and disposal by the department of agriculture

- ADRA is loaning farmers to support both on-farm and off-farm activities- enable farmers access inputs and carry out trade.

- Farmers are currently selling mature livestock and use the proceeds to buy yearlings that can better survive a long dry spell

- The Catholic diocese of Kitui through their food security programme are conducting field days to sensitize farmers on post harvesting technology & creation of market linkages

- DASS is training farmers on farming as a business

- Feed conservation campaigns by the ministry of livestock