Kitui District: Drought Monthly Bulletin, March 2007


Situation overview

- Light rain showers were received towards the end of the month

- The pasture and browse situation remained stable

- There was remarkable improvement in the livestock body conditions

- Farmers were busy harvesting maize crop

- The price of maize and beans drastically dropped

- Price of livestock went up

- The ban on livestock slaughter was uplifted and butcheries are now back to business

- The malnutrition levels remained stable

Recommendations to DSG and KFSM

- Advocate for opening of satellite buying centres by NCPB to cushion farmers from exploitation by middlemen

- Review the current quarantine on livestock movement and trade

- Scale up sensitization on post harvest management

- Up date the contingency plans

- Under take repair of dilapidated roads to assist farmers transport their produce economically

Current Interventions


- Bore drilling supported by JICA

- Sinking and construction of 3 shallow wells supported by ALRMP


- Repair of roads by DASS and the department of public works


- Increased surveillance on rift valley fever

- Continued mass vaccination against RVF supported by ALRMP & ADRA Kitui


- Organization of field days to sensitize communities on post harvest management