Kitui District: Drought Monthly Bulletin, April 2007


Situation overview

- Heavy down pours were experienced in the mixed farming livelihood zone

- Pasture and natural vegetation regenerated

- The period experienced steady improvement in livestock body conditions

- Farmers where busy ploughing while harvesting maize

- The price of maize remained stable whereas that of beans went up

- Price of cattle dropped

- No major livestock disease outbreak was reported

- The malnutrition levels remained stable

Recommendations to DSG and KFSM

- Continued surveillance of livestock diseases

- Farmers sensitization on aflatoxin food poisoning

- Conduct a nutritional survey for the under fives

- Repair roads through the food for work projects by ADRA and UN-WFP

Current Interventions


- Pipeline extension in Matinyani division

- Construction of sand dams in Mutonguni and Matinyani division by ALRMP

- Water distribution in Nzambani location from Nzambani borehole by ALRMP & department of water

- Sinking of two boreholes kakeani and kasue locations by JICA


- Repair of roads by DASS and the department of public works


- Vaccination against rift valley fever & lumpy skin disease

- Capacity building on bee-keeping and beef production

- Establishment of dairy units and buck stations to upgrade in Chuluni and central divisions


- Community sensitization on value additions

- Establishment of two micro irrigation schemes along Athi & Tiva rivers by ALRMP in collaboration with the ministry of agriculture and the irrigation department