Kilifi County: 2015 Long Rains Food Security Assessment Report



1.1 County Background

Kilifi County is located in the coastal region of Kenya to the North of Mombasa. The county covers an area of approximately 12,610 square kilometers (km2) and has a population of 1,246,228 according to Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) 2013 population projection. Kilifi County has seven sub-counties namely Magarini (199,041), Malindi (182,725), Kilifi North (233,119), Kilifi South (192,714), Ganze (154,596), Kaloleni (156,436), and Rabai (127,597). The county has four main livelihoods zones as illustrated in Figure: 1 The main livelihoods are Marginal Mixed Farming (MMF) with 44 percent of the population, Cash Cropping and Dairy 22 percent, Food Crops 11 percent, Ranching 2 percent while others livelihood zones (tourism, fishing, mangrove, and casual labor) comprise approximately 21 percent of the population.

1.2 Current Factor Affecting Food Security

The current factors affecting food security in the county include;

  • Low adoption of modern agricultural practices and technology

  • Poor crop and animal husbandry

  • Low adoption of drought tolerant crops

  • Effects of tourism deterioration in the coast and loss of jobs from the sector