Kenyan refugee camp devastated by fire

A fire at a refugee camp in northwestern Kenya has destroyed 500 huts and left at least 3 000 refugees without shelter. The cause of the fire, which erupted on Thursday at a UN refugee camp at Kakuma, 600 kilometers northwest of the capital Nairobi, has not yet been established. One witness, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the cause of the fire was arson after one refugee accused another of stealing his money and set the second man's hut ablaze and the fire spread to other huts. The dispute between a refugee from Somalia and another from Sudan began when the Somali man gave the Sudanese man a watch to sell, but the Sudanese refugee stole the money from the sale, the witness said. Kakuma camp houses 70 000 refugees from Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia and Uganda, who live in huts made from branches and mud.