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Kenyan cattle rustlers in deadly border raid in Uganda

Kampala, Uganda (PANA) - Cattle rustlers believed to be Kenya's Pokot warriors have killed eight Uganda Karamojong people in a raid the latter lost 700 heads of cattle to the raiders, local officials said Friday.
Some 200 armed Pokots crossed from north-western Kenya into Uganda and raided over 20 homes in two villages of Namalu and Tokora trading centres in Nakapiripirit district, 500 km from the capital Kampala.

In the Wednesday night raid, coming after more than two months of calm along the border, the Pokots are alleged to have pounced on the unsuspecting Karamojongs whose efforts to defend themselves failed to match the heavily armed raiders.

"Eight people were shot dead. Our people's efforts to fight back were thwarted by inferior weapons like bows and arrows," said Nakapripiriti district Local Council Chairman Okello Lotwa.

"Since we (Karamojongs) were disarmed by the government, we are suffering from raids from the Kenyans. When we were armed, we used to defend ourselves, killing most of them, so they switched to raiding Ethiopians," Lotwa told PANA.

He appealed to the government to provide arms to trained home guards to defend themselves against the raiders since the local defence units have proved to be ineffective.


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