Kenya: World Vision starts Food for Work projects to assist people affected by drought and floods in Baringo

World Vision Kenya has implemented the Baringo Food for Work program in Baringo district in the Rift Valley to assist people who were adversely affected by drought and the recent floods in the areas served by Marigat/Nginyang and Kolowa Area Development Programmes (ADP).
The National Project Review Committee, a body of the National Disaster Committee, recently approved ten Food for Work project proposals that are currently being implemented in Baringo. The projects will involve water conservation, agriculture and soil conservation.

An additional 30 project proposals have been submitted to the Baringo District Project Review Committee for the initial approval before being submitted to the National Project Review Committee.

The Baringo Food for Work program will benefit 59,000 people through the distribution of maize, pulses and vegetable oil.

Food to be distributed through the program has been donated by the Kenya Government, while funds for its distribution has been provided by WV Germany (US$ 70,000), WVUS (US$ 80,000), WV Austria (US$35,000) and WV Hongkong (US$ 35,000).

Meanwhile, the supplementary feeding program for pregnant women, lactating mothers and children aged less than five years in Budalangi division of western Kenya has come to an end. During the program, 70MT of Unimix and 30MT of vegetable oil was distributed in two months.

A total population of 3,400 pregnant and lactating mothers and children concentrated in 8 camps in Budalangi benefited from the program. Another 16,600 people outside the Budalangi camps also received vegetable oil.

In Nyatike, the distribution of flood response items has come to an end, while the Food for Work Program in Nyatike is expected to be complete at the end of this month.

In Winam, World Vision Kenya distributed one water tank each to Obedi and Milenga primary schools. The distribution of flood response items is also complete in Winam.

In Turkana, an additional 1400 MT of cereals, pulses, vegetable oil and 200 MT of Unimix have been provided by World Food Program in the expansion of the Food for Work program.

A total 32 projects are being implemented in Turkana under the World Food Program funded Food for Work Program in six divisions. 2900 MT of food have been allocated to this programs.