Kenya: World Vision Kenya assists people displaced by renewed flooding

World Vision Kenya has provided 1,000 gunny bags to help repair the dyke along River Nzoia in Budalang'i Division, Western Province, where 21,000 people have been displaced by floods following the collapse of the dyke at a number of points two weeks ago.
This year's floods first came late in April forcing 18,000 people to move to 12 makeshift camps located on high ground. Many of the affected areas had recently dried up and about 10,000 people had gone back to their homes when River Nzoia swelled again and resulted in the collapse of dykes, which in turn resulted in massive flooding.

Budalang'i District Officer (government official), Amos Mariba, has thanked World Vision Kenya for donating the gunny bags, saying this had helped to save the situation in areas where the dyke was in danger of collapsing.

World Vision Kenya has since the start of this year's floods donated among other things: 6,000 mosquito nets, 6,000 blankets, water tanks, family kits, toilet slabs, corrugated iron sheets, gunny bags, unimix and vegetable oil for distribution to the affected people.

Mariba said it was estimated that the displaced would remain in camps for at least another six months and that about 21,000 bags of maize, 10,500 bags of beans, 95 tons of cooking oil, 60 tons of unimix and 1,500 cartons of high energy biscuits would be needed to feed them.

Other items needed for distribution to the displaced include 3,500 tarpaulins, 1,000 blankets, 1,000 mosquito nets, 600 kitchen sets, 26 toilet slabs, 10,000 gunny bags and chlorine.

The renewed flooding has destroyed homes and food crops in several villages in Budalang'i area. An outbreak of mumps and eye infections has been reported in Mundebi camp and it is feared that the renewed flooding could cause new outbreaks of waterborne diseases in the affected areas of Budalang'i Division.

The local disaster relief committee has appealed to NGOs working in the area to help repair broken wells in the area to prevent outbreak of waterborne diseases.

Floods in Budalang'i area occur mainly as a result of heavy rainfall in the Cherangany Hills where the River Nzoia has its source. Meanwhile, the Yala River has also swollen, causing flooding in villages neighbouring the Yala Swamp.