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Kenya Urban Refugee Situation report: February 2019



UNHCR participated in the East African Community Refugee Policy Workshop from 21-22 February whose purpose was to garner views from stakeholders in the region on the developing EAC policy on refugees. EAC states intend to have a common policy on refugee matters and harmonize their laws on the same.

The office faced challenges managing the expectations of persons of concern (PoCs) camping outside the office, claiming insecurity and inability to sustain themselves. Despite the cases being assessed and solutions offered, the PoCs’ perception that they are not treated with uniformity aggravated the situation. Some PoCs became violent and disruptive leading to the suspension on 4th February of open reception days at UNHCR, and the moving of the UNHCR reception services to the RAS Shauri Moyo office. 40 PoCs that were camping outside UNHCR were arrested on 20 February following complaints by Heritage Hotel on the PoCs continued presence outside the hotel. They were charged with the offence of disposing refuse on unapproved land. UNHCR’s partner Kituo Cha Sheria (KCS) is providing legal intervention for the PoCs.