Kenya: Update on refugee assistance in flood areas

The total number of refugees at Dadaab as at 8th November 2006 stands at 160,000. Daadab has 3 refugee camps, namely: Dagahaley, Hagadera and Ifo.

The current rains have caused flooding in the area. The most affected is Ifo refugee camp with a population of around 100,000. The Government in collaboration with UNHCR and other NGOs has undertaken the following actions.

(i) Around 6,000 refugees from Ifo have been moved to Hagadera refugee camp

(ii) An area in Ifo which is on higher ground is being used to accommodate the refugees (Ifo II)

(iii) UNHCR is providing water to the refugees in the new site

(iv) UNHCR has been air-lifting emergency supplies to Daadab due to the impassable road

(v) Emergency supplies include, plastic sheets to provide temporary shelter to the affected families

(vi) UNHCR has recorded increased cases of malaria and diarrhea and has been able to provide around 40,000 mosquito nets especially to hospitals

(vii) Food distribution to refugees is on- going

(viii) The ministry of public works has carried out an assessment of Garissa- Dadaab road with a view to undertaking emergency repairs to open up communication so that relief assistance can reach the affected areas.

(ix) UNHCR is assessing the roads in three camps for repairs

(x) The Government is providing security to aid workers and UNHCR staff so that humanitarian assistance in not interrupted.