Kenya: Update on food situation in the country

The Government is very serious in dealing with the current food shortage in the country due to failed rains and assures all Kenyans that it will not allow Kenyans to starve.

To this end, the Government will purchase wheat from our farmers to be used in our strategic reserves and for food relief.

In addition, the Government has imported 2 million bags of maize and the first consignment of this purchase is expected in two weeks time. In the meantime, the Government has approved the purchase of maize from local farmers at an agreed price of Kshs.2,300 per bag for a period of two months.

The Ministry of Special Programmes is undertaking major logistic processes and has streamlined the process of getting food to the needy areas of our country.

The Government appreciates the support Kenyans of all walks of life, the Private sector and international partners have given and continuing to give.

The Government is confident that with this concerted effort, no Kenyan will starve but we will be able to ensure food security for our people.

Dr. Alfred N. Mutua, EBS