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Kenya Threatens Somalia Warlords With Stern Action

NAIROBI, Kenya (PANA) - Kenya has issued an ultimultum to the southern Somalia militia who invaded the country Tuesday and disarmed security officers, to return weapons and vehicles taken in the raid or face servere action.
The ultimultum was issued Thursday by President Daniel arap Moi, who sternly warned the militiamen to return the vehicles, guns and ammunition by latest Friday.

Moi, who was speaking at the Rift-Valley provincial capital of Nakuru, 157 km west of Nairobi, told the militia groups operating in the southern parts of Somalia that failure to return the equipment they stole would be deterimental to their well-being.

''The hardware looted during Tuesday's cross-border raid should be returned, or else what they will face will be very swift, severe and unpleasant,'' Moi said in a speech relayed live by state radio.

The Somali militia group crossed into Kenya Tuesday evening and ambushed a military camp and police patrol base at the Amuma border point, supported by about eight amoured civilian vans mounted with high powered weapons.

The militia, numbering more than 400, drove off with two five-tonne four-wheel lorries containing several rifles and over 1,000 rounds of ammunition, which they stripped from the 23 Kenya security men. No casualties were reported.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Somalia National Front, Gen. Omari Haji Mohamed, on Thursday night, offered to return unconditionally all the items stolen from the Kenyan troops by his invading militia.

Omari also offered unreserved apology to the Kenyan government and assured that his group was under instructions not to invade foreign territory.

The Omari group, according to military sources in Nairobi, is to meet with Kenyan military officers led by a high ranking army officer at the border point for the hand-over of the stolen military equipment.

The sources further confirmed that the Kenyan army, airforce and other units were on standby for rapid deployment in case of any eventualities.

''We do not want to raid (Somalia). We have given them an ultimutum but if they do not heed it, we will strike without notice,'' the military sources said.

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