Kenya to supply water to arid regions

Nairobi, Kenya (PANA) - Kenya's Water Development Ministry said it would implement several water projects in parts of the country's North Eastern Province and Turkana District in the north-west to bring the precious commodity closer to inhabitants of the drought-prone areas.
Assistant Water Development Minister John Munyes, speaking to PANA at the Central Kenya Town of Nyeri, 140 km north of Nairobi on Tuesday, said that the government was committed to ensuring all its citizens enjoyed their basic rights, including access to clean water for both domestic and animal use.

The minister joined a host of Central Kenya leaders who were in the Mount Kenya area over the weekend for a series of political rallies to thank voters for electing them to parliament. He noted that hundreds of cattle perished annually, while residents experienced famine in the northern districts of the country due to dry spells.

This scenario "will soon be a thing of the past," he said. "The government will not discriminate in the implementation of its development projects along party affiliations or voting patterns, as was done by the past regime."

He added: "Rather it will work with all citizens to bring development to the whole country."

This was in an apparent reference to the voting patterns in the 2002 elections where the northern Kenya pastoralist communities voted overwhelmingly for the former ruling Kenya African National Union.

At the same forum, MP Koigi Wamwere, a critic of the previous KANU government, called for the immediate arrest of all those implicated in political killings that have troubled the country since independence in 1963.

"These murders, these mysterious disappearances, must be investigated afresh and the perpetrators brought to book," he said.

MP Paul Muite of the opposition Safina party, however, disagreed with his parliamentary colleague, saying that what the country urgently needed was "national reconciliation" to heal all the wounds brought about by the politically instigated tribal clashes, political murders and the plundering of the economy.

Muite called for the immediate re-settling of all those misplaced during the tribal clashes of the 1990's, saying they should all be compensated and afforded adequate security to enable them to resettle on their original parcels of land.

He also stressed the need for all public funds stolen over the years to be refunded by the looters before they are arraigned in a court of law to face relevant charges.

Public land, forests and government houses that had been grabbed or irregularly allocated to individuals should also be returned to the state for proper and transparent allocation, the MP said.


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