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Kenya - Response to Drought Situation - KEN111 (rev. 3)

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Appeal Target: US$ 6,025,982
Fund received: US$ 3,688,170
Balance requested: US$ 2,337,812

Dear Colleagues,

This second revision for of the appeal KEN111 replaces the previous version which was issued on 7 th ,
May, 2012. The forum members have found it necessary to revise the appeal for the following reasons:

  • To include revised activities by members that have been necessitated by the changes on the ground, late funding , meet the emerging needs of the target communities, the recommendations from the external evaluation, thus make changes in both strategy and focus – while the same time addressing the changing community priorities.

  • ACK just received additional funding from her partners to support her ongoing recovery activities.

  • NCA and LWF require more time to complete their ongoing recovery, rehabilitation of livestock and livelihoods interventions.

  • NCCK is embarking on recovery interventions in some of the areas that were earlier targeted.

  • CWS will require more time and additional resources to address the issues raised from a recently concluded Nutritional survey in Kinango and complete the ongoing micronutrient program in Kinango and Mwingi Districts. This part of the program, which initially targeted 3,000 malnourished children, is providing multi-micronutrient powder sachets as in-home fortification for children under age 5 years of age so as to enhance quick recovery of malnourished children in the two Districts.