Kenya - Response to Drought Situation - KEN111 (rev. 2)

Originally published


Appeal Target: US$ 5,826,660

Fund received: US$ 3,515,029

Balance requested: US$ 2,311,631

Geneva, 7 May 2012

Dear Colleagues, This second revision for of the appeal KEN111 replaces the previous version which was issued on 5 October 2011. The forum members have found it necessary to revise the appeal for the following reasons: to include revised activities by members that have been necessitated by the changes on the ground after the onset of rains, - the recommendations from the joint monitoring visit (JMV), thus make changes in both strategy and focus – while the same time addressing the changing community priorities. For example: 1) NCA has revised its budget to focus more funds in recovery and rehabilitation of livelihoods.

2) LWF has revised the initial strategy of de-stocking that was relevant at the peak of the drought to now focus on restocking after onset of the rains. ELCK, initially an implementing partner of LWF has been removed from the appeal since up to date - no funding pledges have been realized towards supporting their component in the Appeal

3) NCCK revised the relief food budget lines andscaled up the relief activities with additional areas of coverage to include Western Kenya region.

4) CWS has reorganised its budget with her partners to focus more resources in support of a Micro nutrient program in Kinango and Mwingi Districts. The program, initially aiming to reach 3,000 malnourished children, is providing multi-micronutrient powder sachets as in-home fortification for children under age 5 to enhance quick recovery of malnourished children in the two Districts. Also ACK has adjusted its programme according to the changing situation and has lowered the budget.

All the new changes are highlighted in blue letters.