Kenya: Nyando Flash Floods & Intervention Report No. 2

Situation Report
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Assessment date: 03/01/2010


Lower Nyakach division in Nyakach district formally in greater Nyando continued to experience
flash floods on the 3rd day of the New Year 2010 with two sub locations of North Nyakach location;
Gem Rae and Gem Nam being the worst hit. Most affected areas in Gem Rae sub location are
Kawakungu, Karabok, Koloo, Kosano and Kanyikaya while in Gem Nam are Kosano, Karabok and
Koloo villages. As a result of more heavy rainfall in Nandi hills and Kano plains, River Nyando,
Awach and Nyalbiego had levels of water rising to water overflowing from the riverbanks.
Continued assessments of the situation reveal that 250 households in 8 villages in the 2 sub
locations are affected with a total population of 1674. So far the number of evacuated households
has risen from the previous 20 to 47 at St.Alloys primary school which is acting as an evacuation
centre at the moment.

Additionally, following the heavy rainfall in Nandi hills and Kano plains,2 more sub locations
[Nyakongo and Ayweyo] in Nyando district have been hit by flash floods with 56 and 24 households
respectively being affected. 3 villages [Kojunga, Kojodo and Kamwanda] in Nyakongo sub location
have been affected and one village in Ayweyo. This brings the total number of families affected in
the greater Nyando to 340 and over 2,000 people at risk of displacement and about 300 [47
households] people already evacuated to safer ground.