Kenya: Nyando District Kisumu Hub: Post-Floods Needs Assessment Report, 13-16th January 2013


The Kenya meteorological department predictions indicated that the country was expected to experience enhanced rainfall for the period October-December2012, during the short rains with most parts of Kenya experiencing above normal rainfall while most parts of the Rift valley, Nairobi and parts of North Eastern counties experiencing slightly above normal rainfall.

West Kenya catchment areas experienced heavy rains between 20th to 28th December 2012, in the upstream areas of the Rift valley-Nandi hills, which were slightly above normal, causing Rivers Nyando, Awach, and Sondu to break their banks in the down stream Kisumu County. This caused flooding with displacement and destruction of property in Nyando, Nyakach and Rachuonyo North Districts from 29th December 2012. At the time of this assessment, the rains have receded and most of the flooding waters are drying up in the affected areas. However, the flooding risk is still at alert level.