Kenya - Narok County Flood Early Warning Communication Strategy

Manual and Guideline
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The increased frequency of flood occurrence call for development of an effective and reliable flood early warning communication systems in Narok County. As a county, we all need to appreciate the enormity of the flood impacts, the urgency of the threats that confront us and the need for rapid and comprehensive communication strategy to help arrest and reverse the situation. If we do not act in earnest and with steadfastness, our livelihood as a county is bound to fall into an abyss from the precipice on which it now hangs. This will be essential towards attaining the Narok County CIDP and the national Vision 2030.

The need to take action to reverse the current negative flood trends and establish a situation where present and future generations will have a better livelihood they need to sustain their well-being, live in peace and enjoy good health is now. Therefore, this strategy is premised on the hope that all stakeholders – and that includes everyone who resides in Narok County – will, based on the new understanding, take the necessary measures – at both individual and community level – to take early actions as well as work toward mitigating floods.

Going forward the Narok County government will come up with effective flood early actions as opposed to reactive actions during flood events. Therefore, in collaboration with other key stakeholders, Narok County government will ensure that the strategy is effectively implemented and this will focuses on the following;

  • Improving knowledge on floods risk and impacts in Narok County
  • Simplifying the language for early warning messages to be responsive to stakeholders’ needs
  • Linking flood early warning messages to potential impacts
  • Improving the communication of timely flood early warning messages
  • Promoting the use of effective and reliable channels of communications
  • Informing early actions on flood impact mitigation, preparedness and response