Kenya: Mandera Floods Information Bulletin No. 7

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In Brief

This Information Bulletin No. 7. November/2008 reflects the information available at this time.

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Trans Nzoia District: Floods have affected Buyanji, Sabwani and Maliki. A total of 1,700 persons comprising 250 households have been affected by the floods. These areas have experienced floods since 1980s especially along River Sabwani. More than 1,800 acres of farmland are in flood water.

Many people in Namanjalala center are being evacuated to high grounds. The Kenya Red Cross initial assessment indicates the needs in the area as: clean water; latrines, Aqua tabs, mosquito nets, tents, blanket, bar soaps and kitchen sets. Other requirements are medical and food supplies.

Pokot Central District: Heavy rains in Pokot Central District especially Chepkongo Location resulted in landslides causing deaths of people and livestock, with much destruction in the infrastructure.

A total of 11 people died while more than 15 sustained injuries following the landslide that occurred on 8th November 2008. The villages affected were Tilakal in Annet sub-location where eight died and 14 were injured; Sumukur in Ptirap sub-location where three people died and one was injured

The district has experienced seven landslides in the past one week, five of them resulting in heavy losses. This is an area prone to landslides due to environmental degradation and over-cultivation on hilly sides. About 27 homes are in the danger zone and locals have been advised to move to safer zones.

Following the landslides in Pokot Central District, Kenya Red Cross distributed non-food items to 20 families severely affected. The items were: 40 blankets, 40 mosquito nets, 20 tarpaulins, 40 bar soaps, 20 kitchen sets and 5 cartons of Purr sachets.

North Eastern Province: The flood situation in Rhamu, Rhamu Dimtu and Kalicha in Mandera Central has worsened within the last 72 hours. Most irrigation structures, farm tools, pump houses and pump sets have been destroyed. The floods in Rhamu have left 600 hectares of farmlands, supporting over 1,200 families, submerged in water.

There are fears of an upsurge of malaria and waterborne diseases in Mandera District. At least 153 diarrhoeal-related cases have been attended to in the medical facilities since the start of rains two weeks ago.